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Create, optimize and promote your content with our content marketing services

Create, optimize and promote your content
with our content marketing services


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Is your content underperforming? Not generating quality leads like it should?
Not sure where to start? Sign up for a content audit to determine how to improve
your content strategy and start generating more leads!

Is your content underperforming? Not generating quality leads like it should? Not sure where to start? Sign up for a content audit to determine how to improve your content strategy and start generating more leads!

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a marketing method that involves creating and publishing valuable and relevant content to attract a clearly-defined target consumer with the intent to prompt them to take profitable action on a company’s products or services.

Content marketing is really about moving your target audience through the different stages of the buyer journey based on their awareness stage and buyer persona. A successful content marketing strategy utilizes SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound) goals, a consistent publishing schedule and regular analysis about how your content is performing.

Your brand should use only that content which is inline with your company’s message – it should be consistent, appropriate and should resonate with your target demographic. It’s three main purposes are:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Increase brand preference
  • Greater reach at lower expense
The Buyer's Journey - Content Marketing

Our Content Marketing Services



Every business or organization should have a plan of what content they will share with their target audience, it’s purpose and how it will be distributed and its performance analyzed. We can help you determine your content strategy to achieve maximum success!



Your business or organization is busy – and understandably, has very little extra time to create content for marketing. We can not only help you create your content, but we can also optimize it for maximum lead conversion and setup a schedule for publishing it consistently.



Sometimes your content isn’t the problem; sometimes the problem is that it just needs to be tweaked to reach your target audience. Here’s where optimizing your content comes in. Based on how your content performs, you can make adjustments that will help it perform better going forward.



As part of your content strategy, content promotion is a big part of how successful your content will be a reaching your target audience and converting them into leads. We can help you promote and distribute your content to the right channels (where your audience is) for maximum exposure.



All content has to be maintained – whether it’s removing outdated content or updating content with new data, graphics, text and more – the search engines love new content. Maintained content also sends a message to visitors and potential leads that you care enough about your content to keep it updated.



At the end of the day, a great strategy is nothing without the ability to measure and record the performance. Content reporting is extremely important to determine how best to optimize your campaigns and performance, as well as determining what works and what doesn’t.

  • Jeff and DPi crushed our project! Not only were we in over our heads technically but we were nearing a deadline. Jeff was prompt, clear and calm. He delivered above and beyond and we will be working with him in the future!

    Kurt Maclaurin & Bryce Gibson Earth+Kin
  • We were thrilled to work with Jeff at DPI Graphics. Our organization was overwhelmed with projects and Jeff was able to step in seamlessly thanks to clear communication and being accessible to answer questions and respond to requests quickly. DPI’s work helped us fulfill our projects and continue our mission.

    Rebecca O'Brien IREM Foundation Director
  • Jeffrey did an excellent job. He reorganized our landing pages to an expert level, took our emails and organized them to become beautiful emails and great flow. We see better results since Jeffrey got involved with us. Whenever we had a problem with Mailchimp, he took full responsibility and talked with Mailchimp and set all up for our satisfaction. Jeffrey showed expertise and great relationship. I personally liked to work with Jeffrey and I recommend working with him.

    Rabbi Chaim Goldberg Executive Director, Noahide World Center
  • Working with DPi Graphics is perfect for us. Jeffrey is knowledgeable, accessible, and highly responsive. DPi is so much more than 'the company we work with for our online presence' - they've become an extension of the Girls at Work Team...

    Kathryn Conway Communications and Program Coordinator, Girls at Work, Inc.

Digital Marketing for Businesses & Nonprofits

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Digital Marketing that grows with you

Growing your business or organization can be tough. Using DPi Campaign Pro, though, can help you build and manage your contacts and never miss a lead. Using any of our solutions, you can help get your business started with a strong digital marketing strategy.

DPi Campaign Pro is an affordable a la carte option that helps you build an digital marketing plan for your business or organization. It allows you to collect information about your audience and act on insights using a single dashboard with real-time statistics using landing pages, marketing automation and email marketing.

Content marketing strategies that work.

Get the most out of your marketing dollars – build a content strategy that brings in leads

Not sure how to say what your organization is and does so that it is both appealing and informative for all stages of the buyer’s journey? We can help! DPi Graphics has years of experience writing for lead generation and conversion.

Not sure if your current content strategy is working? Contact us to perform a content audit. Using data from the performance of your content marketing efforts, we can determine if changes need to be made in your strategy or your content.

Just a few of the ways we can help you with your content marketing:

  • Blog posts, articles, whitepapers & ebooks
  • Digital Graphics for email, social media, etc.
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Email Nurture and Drip Campaigns
  • Podcasts & Recordings
  • Surveys
  • Digital Assets & Resources
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DPi Campaign Pro Turns One!

A FULL YEAR OF INTEGRATED, MULTICHANNEL DIGITAL MARKETING Last year, we launched DPi Campaign Pro, a integrated multichannel digital marketing program that initially only utilized the MailChimp [...]

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Content Marketing Services

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