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Your corporate identity is perhaps the most important part of your brand, yet, it often gets the least attention.  The world knows brands through their marketing and by consistent and strategic use and placement.  Together with a well-designed logo, your marketing becomes dependent on a cohesive corporate identity.

So, what actually is your corporate identity?  It is the manner in which you present your business or organization to the world – customers, other businesses and possibly investors.  It’s important that your corporate identity match one-to-one with your organization’s message and business goals.

Is it more than where you place your logo on your letterhead? Absolutely. It has to be consistent on all your collateral – both printed and digital. Fonts, coloration, how content is composed and how they can be used in a design – guidelines that everyone must follow so that your brand is consistently being displayed to your potential customers.

The Middle Corporate Identity


Your brand is a lot more than just your logo – however, your logo is an integral part of your brand. Using our graphic design services, we can help you develop your logo as part of a cohesive brand that will be consistent in a variety of applications.

Your corporate identity and the use of your logo and your organization’s colors and fonts should all be consistent – that way, when someone identifies your brand, it won’t be confused with another company’s products or services.

Be unique and try not to copy or plagiarize another organization’s brand – you’ll not only stand out amongst similar products in your field, but you’ll be viewed with respect amongst your competitors.


We take great care when developing a logo for one of our clients – after all, it is part of your corporate identity and will most likely be seen first by potential customers. There are four principle steps we take in everything we design, but particularly with logo design and development:

Organize.   Before any design can actually take place, we need to know what it is YOU are looking for. Fonts, colors, graphics are all considered as well as any more specific ideas you may have. We’ll organize all that information and get ready to apply it to your design.

Utilize.   Second, we utilize the information we just organized by applying to your logo design. Occasionally, we require more feedback and information to complete the finished product and we may even come up with new ideas that you hadn’t considered.

Deliverize.   Yes, we realize that “deliverize” is not a real word. However, it summarizes what happens at this stage – we “deliver” your logo to you – in a variety of different formats and treatments for use both in print and on the web.

Analyze.   Finally, we go through and make sure that your new logo is working for you – is it getting the intended results? Does it need to be tweaked for an application? And, most importantly, are YOU, the customer, happy with your final product?

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