Graphic Design Services

The most well-planned business strategy would be ineffective without high-impact, quality graphic design. Great design is the key to a successful marketing strategy.


Inlcudes: Logo (4-color & black & white), Business Card,
Letterhead/Envelopes & Brochure. Additional*: Advertisements,
Additional Business Cards


Inlcudes: Logo (4-color & black & white), 3 Business Cards,
Letterhead/Envelopes, Brochure, Direct Mail Post Card &
1 Print Advertisement.


Inlcudes: Logo (4-color & black & white), 5 Business Cards,
Letterhead/Envelopes, 2 BrochureS, 3 Direct Mail Post Cards
& 3 Print Advertisements.


Inlcudes: Logo (4-color & black & white, Print & Web), 10 Business Cards, Letterhead/Envelopes, Brochure, 3 Direct Mail Post Cards, & 10% off your next purchase

What our graphic design services
can do for you

What our graphic design services can do for you

Our graphic design services cover a wide range of products – brochures, business cards, publications, mailers, posters and billboards – we’ve pretty much designed it all. With nearly 20 years of experience designing for print and the web, we’ll help your business convert potential clients into paying customers with well designed, printed collateral.

Some common projects we have worked on include:

You Have Goals.

We have solutions to help you reach those goals.

Design Genie logo
  • Unlimited graphic design
  • One monthly rate
  • Managed through online dashboard
DPi Campaign Pro Logo
  • Integrated marketing campaigns
  • Single platform to manage it all
  • Better results than single channel marketing
DPi Simply Maintenance Logo
  • Timely updates to avoid downtime
  • Technical updates to keep your site secure
  • Peace of mind knowing your site is in good hands

Digital Marketing for Businesses & Nonprofits

DPi Campaign Pro logo

Digital Marketing that grows with you

Growing your business or organization can be tough. Using DPi Campaign Pro, though, can help you build and manage your contacts and never miss a lead. Using any of our solutions, you can help get your business started with a strong digital marketing strategy.

DPi Campaign Pro is an affordable a la carte option that helps you build an digital marketing plan for your business or organization. It allows you to collect information about your audience and act on insights using a single dashboard with real-time statistics using landing pages, marketing automation and email marketing.

Quality Graphic Design | Brand Consistency

Get the most out of your marketing dollars and maximize your impact with professional graphic design and brand consistency

Good design is more than just readability and clarity of message. Good graphic design, when done right, can transform a business’ logo into a brand; a brand that is consistent, professional and attracts customers to you. Sure, readability and a clear message is important, however, just as important is the presentation of the message. For instance, you wouldn’t use the same design to attract children to your business as you would senior citizens, would you? Of course, you wouldn’t. In this respect, you need to consider your graphic design.

Graphic design is how you communicate your brand – and you want it to be consistent. Keeping your brand consistent across all the platforms you use – even in how you provide your product and services to your customers – is important because it helps create and maintain trust with your current customers as well as demonstrating a professional appearance to potential customers. On social channels and in digital marketing, keeping your brand consistent helps people identify and connect with your brand, distinguishing it from your competitors.

We understand brand consistency and will strive, through our graphic design services, to keep your brand consistent.

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  • PROforma Piper Printing is a very busy print and promotionals company, so it is absolutely necessary to partner with a graphics company that is reliable, fast, and creative. DPI Graphics has been our go to design firm for over five years. Jeff is an extremely talented graphic designer. He has an uncanny ability to decipher what we want, from what is often just a scribble, and turn it into a masterpiece. We trust Jeff with our work, we trust him to meet our sometimes impossible deadlines, and we trust DPI Graphics with every aspect of the print and promotional design world. He has never let us down.

    MIami Blake Owner of PROforma Piper Printing
  • Jeff came on board with us when we had a backlog of graphic design work to be done. He not only picked up our branding very quickly, he proactively created new images that strengthened our brand. He is a fast worker who listens well to constructive input and keeps a level temperament in all situations. Jeff was a pleasure to work with and would be a significant asset to any graphics, website design or branding projects. His creativity is first-rate!

    Krista Katz Marketing & Communications Director, WVBBTS-SEF
  • Jeff has been a solid, dependable vendor of creative services to our hotel group for years.  We recently created a new parent brand for the hotels.  Jeff was instrumental in developing the look and feel of key elements including our logo design and print presence.  His strengths are in his creative delivery, flexibility and ability to translate direction and feedback into an exceptional final product.  We plan on working with Jeff for years to come and would recommend him to any group looking for a flexible option to take their creative image to the next level.

    Justin Cutillo Vice President, Path Resorts

Logo Design & Branding

Your brand is a lot more than just your logo – however, your logo is an integral part of your brand. Using our graphic design services, we can help you develop your logo as part of a cohesive brand that will be consistent in a variety of applications.

DPi Graphics will create a brand identity that will both communicate your message and will appeal to your ideal customer. Through the use of our graphic design services, you’ll get well-designed graphics and compelling collateral that can be used in virtually any application.

Promotion Design

With over 15 years of experience designing for print, DPi Graphics knows how to create compelling and engaging print collateral – business cards, brochures, newsletters and magazines, posters and signage, menus and more.

Additionally, we have experience with designing promotion signage and large format products used for P-O-P displays at events, at your business – pretty much anywhere! No matter where you need your signage to be, DPi Graphics can help you get it there and get noticed.

Let’s work together to create marketing materials
that will get your business or nonprofit noticed!