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What We Believe

DPi Graphics is more than just another marketing agency. We believe in helping small businesses and nonprofits achieve their goals as efficiently as possible. Think of us as an extension of your team. As a small business ourselves, we understand the needs of small businesses and nonprofits and strive for nothing less than your success.

With DPi Graphics, you won’t have to worry that you’ll overspend your marketing budget because we work within your budget to optimize your spending so that what you receive is high quality and just what you need.

We don’t have a complicated discovery process to find out what your business is all about. We believe that simple is better and easier for everyone. We typically charge by the project, which also makes things easier, or, we have special programs, such as Design Genie and DPi Campaign Pro that are geared for small businesses and nonprofits who need ongoing marketing and design solutions.

  • We were thrilled to work with Jeff at DPI Graphics. Our organization was overwhelmed with projects and Jeff was able to step in seamlessly thanks to clear communication and being accessible to answer questions and respond to requests quickly. DPI’s work helped us fulfill our projects and continue our mission.

    Rebecca O'Brien IREM Foundation Director
  • Jeffrey did an excellent job. He reorganized our landing pages to an expert level, took our emails and organized them to become beautiful emails and great flow. We see better results since Jeffrey got involved with us. Whenever we had a problem with Mailchimp, he took full responsibility and talked with Mailchimp and set all up for our satisfaction. Jeffrey showed expertise and great relationship. I personally liked to work with Jeffrey and I recommend working with him.

    Rabbi Chaim Goldberg Executive Director, Noahide World Center
  • Working with DPi Graphics is perfect for us. Jeffrey is knowledgeable, accessible, and highly responsive. DPi is so much more than 'the company we work with for our online presence' - they've become an extension of the Girls at Work Team...

    Kathryn Conway Communications and Program Coordinator, Girls at Work, Inc.
  • Jeff has been a solid, dependable vendor of creative services to our hotel group for years.  We recently created a new parent brand for the hotels.  Jeff was instrumental in developing the look and feel of key elements including our logo design and print presence.  His strengths are in his creative delivery, flexibility and ability to translate direction and feedback into an exceptional final product.  We plan on working with Jeff for years to come and would recommend him to any group looking for a flexible option to take their creative image to the next level.

    Justin Cutillo Vice President, Path Resorts
  • Jeff came on board with us when we had a backlog of graphic design work to be done. He not only picked up our branding very quickly, he proactively created new images that strengthened our brand. He is a fast worker who listens well to constructive input and keeps a level temperament in all situations. Jeff was a pleasure to work with and would be a significant asset to any graphics, website design or branding projects. His creativity is first-rate!

    Krista Katz Marketing & Communications Director, WVBBTS-SEF
  • PROforma Piper Printing is a very busy print and promotionals company, so it is absolutely necessary to partner with a graphics company that is reliable, fast, and creative. DPI Graphics has been our go to design firm for over five years. Jeff is an extremely talented graphic designer. He has an uncanny ability to decipher what we want, from what is often just a scribble, and turn it into a masterpiece. We trust Jeff with our work, we trust him to meet our sometimes impossible deadlines, and we trust DPI Graphics with every aspect of the print and promotional design world. He has never let us down.

    MIami Blake Owner of PROforma Piper Printing

Our Story

Our story, like many businesses, starts with a humble beginning, however, ours is born out of misfortune. Jeffrey Brown founded DPI Graphics after having been laid off twice in the course of a year back in 2000-2001. He knew that there had to be a better way and was determined to provide design for his clients.

The first iteration of the website for DPI Graphics was built in Dreamweaver and initially hosted on his cousin’s webserver. He soon determined that he needed a bit more support and began getting his site hosted commercially. Over the years, the website has changed and Jeff’s web design skills grew. Jeff began taking on website design clients, in addition to the print design clientele Jeff already served under the name DPI Graphics.

As time went along, DPI Graphics became a sidegig as Jeff rejoined the workforce. However, misfortune would find him again four more times over the course of the next 15 years. Jeff’s misfortune, though, provided opportunity; each time he found himself losing full-time employment, he gained an opportunity to build up DPI Graphics even more.

Today, hundreds of print design and website projects later, DPI Graphics serves clients as far away as Texas, and locally around New England.

As time has gone on, Jeff realized that while graphic and web design were much needed amongst small business owners, marketing – especially digital marketing – was needed even more – and not just for small businesses. Jeff found that many of his clients were nonprofits and that given his background and membership in fraternal organizations, his passion for helping small businesses also included nonprofits.

Now, DPI Graphics is transitioning from being largely a graphic and web design company to a digital marketing agency geared toward small businesses and nonprofits. Our mission is simple – to help small businesses and nonprofits succeed by helping them develop a strong digital marketing strategy. Our goal is to serve your business so well that you feel less that we’re a company that you work with and more that we’re an extension of your organization.

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