Why Choose DPi Graphics?

We’re not just another digital marketing agency.

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We are vested in your success.

We understand small business and nonprofit marketing challenges. That’s why we have developed strategies that help you increase your online presence while staying within your budget. At the end of the day, if you’re not successful, we haven’t done our job.

Why Choose DPI Graphics - Stay within your budget

We work within your budget.

Let’s face it – if you’re lucky enough to have a marketing budget, there’s probably not a lot in there.  It’s usually the last thing that businesses and nonprofits allocate money for and it’s usually under-budgeted. No worries. DPi Graphics works within whatever budget you have or don’t have to make sure you get the most exposure for your dollar.

Why Choose DPi Graphics - your goals are important

Your goals are important.

Your goals are important to you – thus, they are important to us. More importantly, though we’ll recommend benchmarks and best practices for your digital marketing, we’ll always keep YOUR goals in mind. If it won’t help achieve your goals, we won’t recommend it.

Why Choose DPi Graphics - Never Sell you Something you don't need

We won’t sell you something you don’t need.

A lot of marketing companies may recommend investing in strategies that just aren’t going to be effective for your business or nonprofit. We’ll only recommend strategies that are the best use of your marketing dollars AND that will help achieve your overall goals.

Why Choose DPi Graphics - We've got experience

We’ve got experience.

Having been in business for almost 20 years, we’ve got lots of experience with a lot of different industries and businesses. While our services over the years have changed to accommodate our clients growing needs, we still believe that your success is paramount. If your goals haven’t been met, we haven’t done our job.

Why Choose DPi Graphics - We believe in education

We believe in educating you.

We have always believe that educating our customers is important – how else would you know what we were talking about? How would you know if your results were meeting your goals? Through our blog and other resources, we educate our clients so that they are informed and know that we’re walking the walk as well as talking the talk.

Why Choose DPi Graphics - We are approachable

We’re approachable.

We’re down-to-earth and personable – unlike some designers and developers, we’ve actually got a personality and a sense of humor. You’ll always be met with a “how can we help you” attitude and a smile. Why? Because that’s just how we roll. We’re in the business of helping people and by helping people first, we help businesses and organizations succeed.

  • PROforma Piper Printing is a very busy print and promotionals company, so it is absolutely necessary to partner with a graphics company that is reliable, fast, and creative. DPI Graphics has been our go to design firm for over five years. Jeff is an extremely talented graphic designer. He has an uncanny ability to decipher what we want, from what is often just a scribble, and turn it into a masterpiece. We trust Jeff with our work, we trust him to meet our sometimes impossible deadlines, and we trust DPI Graphics with every aspect of the print and promotional design world. He has never let us down.

    MIami Blake Owner of PROforma Piper Printing
  • Jeff came on board with us when we had a backlog of graphic design work to be done. He not only picked up our branding very quickly, he proactively created new images that strengthened our brand. He is a fast worker who listens well to constructive input and keeps a level temperament in all situations. Jeff was a pleasure to work with and would be a significant asset to any graphics, website design or branding projects. His creativity is first-rate!

    Krista Katz Marketing & Communications Director, WVBBTS-SEF
  • Jeff has been a solid, dependable vendor of creative services to our hotel group for years.  We recently created a new parent brand for the hotels.  Jeff was instrumental in developing the look and feel of key elements including our logo design and print presence.  His strengths are in his creative delivery, flexibility and ability to translate direction and feedback into an exceptional final product.  We plan on working with Jeff for years to come and would recommend him to any group looking for a flexible option to take their creative image to the next level.

    Justin Cutillo Vice President, Path Resorts

Digital Marketing for Businesses & Nonprofits

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Digital Marketing that grows with you

Growing your business or organization can be tough. Using DPi Campaign Pro, though, can help you build and manage your contacts and never miss a lead. Using any of our solutions, you can help get your business started with a strong digital marketing strategy.

DPi Campaign Pro s an affordable a la carte option that helps you build an digital marketing plan for your business or organization. It allows you to collect information about your audience and act on insights using a single dashboard with real-time statistics using landing pages, marketing automation and email marketing.

More than just a marketing agency.

We’re an extension of your business or nonprofit’s team.

As you can see, DPi Graphics is more than just another marketing agency. We believe in helping small businesses and nonprofits achieve their goals as efficiently as possible. Think of us as an extension of your team. As a small business ourselves, we understand the needs of small businesses and nonprofits and strive for nothing less than your success.

Our services are designed to be both practical and affordable. We offer a full range of digital marketing services, as well as creative services and web development. We’ve been around almost twenty years and we have experience in many different industries and organizations.

We’ve been around for almost 20 years and while our service offerings have changed over the years to increase what we help our clients with, what hasn’t changed is the fact that DPi Graphics is dedicated to helping small businesses and nonprofits be as successful as possible through quality design and affordable digital marketing.

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Why choose DPi Graphics for your digital marketing?
Reliability. Affordability. Accountability.