Ep. 1.1 Design Hustle Show – Demystifying SEO with Mike Conley

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For the first episode of The Design Hustle Show, hosted by myself, Jeff Brown, I sat down with my friend and colleague, Mike Conley, a digital marketing specialist, who has worked in the apparel, footwear and food service industries, as well as a couple marketing agencies. Mike’s forté is in search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing. The idea was to demystify SEO and to see what role content marketing plays in the current state of search engine optimization.

During the first episode, we talk about SEO and what it means to today’s small businesses. Mike and I talk about how to structure your site and pages to make sure that they can be found by the search engines using keywords and proper HTML markup. We discuss differences between SEM (search engine marketing) and content marketing and his take on why you should try SEM to see what it can do.


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Mike and I talk about content marketing and why every business needs to use it in their SEO strategy. I ask Mike about what he thinks the future of SEO holds and what’s the next “biggest” thing. Lastly, Mike reveals his favorite lunch stop and what’s good there.

Additionally, Mike recommends two resources for assistance with SEO. The first is the perfectly optimized page (click the images for bigger versions):

The second is the SEO Periodic Table

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