Ep. 1.0 – Design Hustle Show Trailer

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A HUGE announcement for DPi Graphics and myself – I am starting a new podcast, The Design Hustle Show – a podcast about marketing and design and everything in between. While we’re not “on the air” quite yet, there’s a trailer below to whet your appetite for what’s to come. Look for a special guest each episode and lots of good stuff!

Ok, Jeff, but why “Design Hustle”?

OK, ok, I get it – you want to know more. I chose The Design Hustle Show because, well, it’s a show. I DJ’d a radio show back in college for the campus radio station (610 WSAM for those who were privileged enough to remember it back on the University of Hartford campus) and this is a lot like that – ONLY BETTER.

Back to why it’s called the “Design Hustle” Show – a freelance business or side business is often referred to as a “side hustle” – supplemental income to your main job, occupation, etc. Since DPi Graphics was originally created as a design business (we offer a lot more now than we did in the beginning), and it is my “side hustle”, it saw it only fitting that it be dubbed The Design Hustle Show.

More on what the show will consist of (or you could just listen to the trailer) – with my guests who are both colleagues and friends, we’re going to provide some tips and tricks, insight into the marketing and design industry, how to do more with less and a whole lot more.

I can hardly wait. Like I said, checkout the trailer and remember to subscribe on iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts. See ya soon!



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