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Rebecca O’Brien, Foundation Director for the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) Foundation, contacted us about help with building a peer-to-peer pages in Salsa Engage for their Global Summer of Service event beginning in June of 2021. This included configuring and designing an event, individual and team signup pages and building email marketing confirmations and autoresponders all within the Salsa Engage platform.


After receiving their assets and brand guidelines, we began the task of building the Global Summer of Service event page using the Salsa Engage platform. We were able to use custom fonts and colors, as well as imagery to customize the event page.

After completing the event page, we received approval to proceed with the individual fundraiser and team signup pages, which utilized similar customization.

Email confirmation notices and autoresponders were setup notifying fundraisers about their signup, when someone donates, and important information about the event. They also used a similar structure, but were more basic than the peer-to-peer pages.

  • We were thrilled to work with Jeff at DPI Graphics. Our organization was overwhelmed with projects and Jeff was able to step in seamlessly thanks to clear communication and being accessible to answer questions and respond to requests quickly. DPI’s work helped us fulfill our projects and continue our mission.

    Rebecca O'Brien IREM Foundation Director
  • IREM Foundation Salsa Engage Event Page
  • IREM Foundation Salsa Engage Event Page
  • IREM Foundation Salsa Engage Event Page
  • IREM Foundation Salsa Engage Fundraiser Page
  • IREM Foundation Salsa Engage Team Page
  • IREM Foundation Salsa Engage Email Notification

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