Noahide World Center



Rabbi Chaim Goldberg, Executive Director of the Noahide World Center, reached out to us about help with setting up their marketing automation and campaign management in the MailChimp platform. They had several landing pages setup, with emails to their member base, however, they wanted increased sign-ups, better click-through-rates and retention in their email marketing.


We initially reviewed their landing pages and current marketing automation to determine if anything needed changing immediately. Second, we reorganized and optimized their landing pages to provide a better user experience and that any calls-to-action were channeled to one main conversion point. We also enhanced their landing pages with stronger visuals, more compelling headlines and more visible buttons and links.

Next, we optimized their email for maximum conversion and engagement. By placing an image in the email linking to their video, we were able to increase video views and increase engagement.

Similar strategies were applied across the various areas of the Noahide World Center digital marketing strategy including their acquisition strategy, encouraging members and non-members to join a weekly prayer email list and promoting their tours of Israel, which is a primary source of income for the organization.

  • Jeffrey did an excellent job. He reorganized our landing pages to an expert level, took our emails and organized them to become beautiful emails and great flow. We see better results since Jeffrey got involved with us. Whenever we had a problem with Mailchimp, he took full responsibility and talked with Mailchimp and set all up for our satisfaction. Jeffrey showed expertise and great relationship. I personally liked to work with Jeffrey and I recommend working with him.

    Rabbi Chaim Goldberg Executive Director, Noahide World Center
  • Israel Tours Landing page - Noahide World Center Case Study
  • Israel Tours Landing page - Noahide World Center Case Study
  • Israel Tours Landing page - Noahide World Center Case Study
  • Israel Tours Landing page - Noahide World Center Case Study
  • Israel Tours Landing page - Noahide World Center Case Study

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