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There’s no doubt about it, we are living in some very uncertain times – and, with those uncertain times comes some uncertainty within ourselves – lack of motivation, lack of inspiration and misguidedness. If you’re feeling this way, or find yourself moving in this direction, you’re not alone. I, personally, felt uninspired. Unmotivated. I found myself trying to figure out what I needed to do to get back the passion I once had for work, my business and the organizations I am a member of. That is, until I found this book.

Start With Why by Simon SinekStart With Why by Simon Sinek is a book that teaches you about the importance of WHY and how it affects businesses, organizations and individuals when they don’t know what their WHY is or if their WHY has become fuzzy. Sinek maintains that people don’t buy into WHAT an organization does or HOW they do it. They buy into WHY – WHY the organization produces WHAT they produce and HOW they produce it. WHAT and HOW are a product of WHY, not the other way around.

Start With Why uses real businesses and individuals, like Apple, Southwest Airlines and the Wright Brothers, and shows how their WHY and the clear communication of their WHY made the difference between long term success and increasing a bottom line. When people understand and connect with your WHY, loyalty is gained. When they don’t, you can manipulate people to patronize your business through deals, discounts and offers, but they won’t be loyal. And when people are loyal, they defend their choice beyond rational means.

This resonated with me – the idea of gaining loyal followers versus a few quick sales is a ground breaking idea, even though it isn’t new. This caused me to think about my WHY – not my WHAT or HOW, because I already knew what those were, and made me think about WHY DPi Graphics exists. WHY is at the center of everything and should be communicated and everything you or your organization does.

Start With Why is a book that everyone should read – even if you don’t plan on going into business or aren’t in a leadership position. Knowing WHY you do a particular thing – whether it’s being a member of an organization, going to your 9-5 job, or considering starting a new business – is powerful. The book gives examples throughout history, in all industries and fields and goes into detail about how the clear communication of a company’s WHY made the difference between success and failure. Make no mistake, this book is life changing and will cause you to possibly re-evaluate yourself, your business and how you approach pretty much everything. When you Start With Why, amazing things happen.

As far as DPi Graphics is concerned, our why is pretty simple. Our why is to help small businesses succeed through quality graphics and effective marketing. Our focus has always been about helping small businesses and entrepreneurs get the design help they need to launch their business and achieve the success they deserve. But, while this has always been our focus, our WHY, it hasn’t always been clear in all of our marketing and communications just why we exist. Start With Why has reminded me about the importance of WHY I do what I do and has inspired me to be better.

So, checkout Start With Why by Simon Sinek – it’s a good read, it’s thought provoking and it will get you think more about WHY, which will help determine your HOW and WHAT.

Have you read Start With Why? DId you like it? What was your big takeaway? Share in the comments below!


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