Anatomy of a High-Converting Landing Page: INFOGRAPHIC

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Landing pages are crucial to online marketing – If your page isn’t optimized, you could be losing out on landing page conversions. And that’s a problem. So, what makes a great, high-converting landing page, well, a bunch of things – headlines, offers, grammar (believe it or not), calls-to-action, page load time – there’s a lot that goes into and must be considered for a great, high-converting landing page. For a more comprehensive post on landing page, click here.

Rather than go through all of these details again, we’ve created a infographic that tells (and shows) the anatomy of a high-converting landing page, as well as some key statistics about landing page use and how companies are using them in their respective industries.

Anatomy of a High-Converting Landing Page Infographic

You can clearly see, through the infographic, that many businesses and organizations aren’t taking full advantage of and and aren’t using landing pages properly. It’s important to understand and to reiterate that the whole purpose of a high-coverting landing page is to get a potential customer to take the leap toward becoming a customer and converting. There should really only be one offer per landing page, per campaign. You can have multiple calls to action, as long as they lead to that same ultimate goal – conversion.

Should you have just one landing page? Hell no! Some companies that have 40 or more landing pages convert 12 times as many prospects than those with just 5. 12 times as many! Companies who increase their number of landing pages from 10 to 15 see a 55% increase in leads. This whole concept of multiple landing pages relates to our post about personas which can be found here. Create enough landing pages to satisfy your various target audiences – whether that’s 5, 10 or 20 – it doesn’t matter. Do be cliché: If you build them, they will come.


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