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Back in July we introduced our new digital marketing program, DPi Campaign Pro Lite, for small businesses and nonprofits – but what exactly is DPi Campaign Pro Lite? DPi Campaign Pro Lite is an integrated, multichannel digital marketing program that utilizes the power of multiple marketing channels to deliver an integrated marketing campaign that is both affordable for small businesses and nonprofits, but effective as well. Let’s take a look into how it works.


Your audience is the most important part of any integrated digital multichannel marketing campaign and DPi Campaign Pro Lite is no different. In order to effectively market to your audience, your content has to be relevant to them. Determine how best you can reach them – social media posts, ads, or an email campaign – that should be your starting point – your Ground 0.


As with most marketing campaigns, it all starts with your target audience – who are you trying to reach? Typically, you have some idea on who your ideal customer is – their needs, expectations and wants – essentially, their persona. If you’ve already got an audience, an email list, for example, that’s great – to start off with. If you’re building your audience, and haven’t yet built an email list, that’s fine too – it just means that you’ll need to build your audience before you can start marketing to them.

If you don’t have a email list of contacts yet or your list is small, you might want to create a “lookalike” audience that essentially similar to your contacts or people you want to reach. One way of doing this is driving traffic to a landing page using social media ads or direct mail and then remarketing to them. But, in order for this to be effective, it needs to start with your audience.


As mentioned above, the next step is driving traffic (your audience) to your website or landing page. This means that you’ll have to setup or create a landing page prior to driving your audience to it. Don’t have a landing page? That’s what DPi Campaign Pro Lite is for! We can help you create a landing page that is optimized for conversions (the idea action you want your audience to take on your landing page).

Additionally, you’ll want to setup marketing automation – usually an automated email – that gets sent upon signing up, purchasing or requesting more information. This helps your audience know that you’ve received their message and will get back to them as soon as you’re able. It also demonstrates a level of trust in your business that their message didn’t just go to a black void. And, based on that email, you’ll be able to tell how they interacted with your marketing automation and any other actions they took.


If your landing page is optimized for conversions correctly, it should help you gather information about your audience that will help you reach out to them later, convert them into customers or help nurture them toward being a customer in the future. Your landing page should collection information like: their name (first and last), their email, company name, phone and why they filled out the form (IE to learn more about your product or service, to place an order or signup or receive an incentive for providing their information (a freebie) just for signing up). Once you have this information, you can use it to reach out to them later.

It’s important to collect information about your audience in a meaningful way; that is, in an actionable way. If you collect details through a form but all the forms are sent individually and there’s no central repository for the information you’re collecting, it’s not much help. You’ll have to comb through, mine the forms for info, assemble it in a database and curate it manually to keep it current. With DPi Campaign Pro Lite, you won’t have to do that because the information is all in one place, in the same platform it was collected with.


Because all the information about your audience is in the same platform that it was collected in, you can remarket to your audience online – using a few different platforms. DPi Campaign Pro Lite utilizes the Google Display Network to deliver custom built ads to your audience wherever they go online. Because your ads could appear on hundreds websites online, they are built in a variety of sizes to accommodate any webpage layout.

In addition to the Google Display Network, you can remarket to your audience on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram or Facebook’s Audience Network, serving ads to anyone with accounts on those platforms. Of course, these ads come with an additional cost, the lowest being $7 per week for the Google Display Network. Using these remarketing ads, you can drive your audience back to your landing page or website to finish their purchase or learn more about your product or service.


Once you’ve got their information and are remarketing to them online, continue to reach them where they are on social media through regular social posts and email marketing. It’s said that it takes 7 touches – experiences with a marketing message until a consumer is ready to buy a product OR switch from a product they are currently using to a different one. Using multichannel marketing, you can reach your audience where they are and help them learn more about your company, service or product until they are ready to make a purchase.

Frequently reaching out – not spamming – but reaching out through different media – is a great way to expose your audience to your company and its offerings. It’s equally important to avoid spamming – sending unwanted messages too frequently and to persistently to your audience until you push them away. How often is to often to reach out? Think about it – how often is too often for you? What makes you mark something as spam or abuse? Use that to create your schedule for posting and emailing to your audience. Unsure? DPi Campaign Pro Lite can help!


Finally, all of these marketing methods – social media ads and posts, remarketing ads, email marketing – usually means having to manage multiple dashboards and services. But, with DPi Campaign Pro Lite, it doesn’t have to. Manage it all in a single dashboard. All of your marketing channels connected in a single, easy-to-read dashboard. A single place to launch your campaigns on multiple platforms without having to go into each platform. Simple. Easier than you think. Better results.


Ok, so why DPi Campaign Pro Lite? Well, for one, it utilizes a platform that you are probably already using. DPi Campaign Pro Lite is built around the MailChimp CRM with the ability to send email to your audience, remarket to them, post socially and create time-saving marketing automation, all for a low monthly fee. If you currently use MailChimp, are you using all those features together? If not, you’re losing out. For the money, there really isn’t a better CRM out there that does what MailChimp can do.

But why DPi Campaign Pro Lite? Couldn’t I manage it myself? Well, you could. However, we’ve got years of experience with digital marketing, not to mention our MailChimp Certification. Additionally, we’ve designed dozens of emails and created several marketing automations that are designed to save you time and help your audience members convert. We’re more than just MailChimp experts – we’re small business and nonprofit digital marketing experts. We know how to make your business succeed online.


DPi Campaign Pro Lite starts at $299/month and includes email marketing, landing page design, digital remarketing ads, social posts and marketing automation. No MailChimp account? No problem. We can create one for you and help set it up. Don’t want a MailChimp account? No problem. We have other options available to our clients, depending on your needs, that will help you succeed. Not sure? Try DPi Campaign Pro Lite – cancel at any time, if you’re not satisfied. Questions? Contact us! Ready to signup? Sign up here!




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